League Rules & Scoring System

Currently sponsored by "the Gridiron" at FantasyFootballer.com, the "Crystal Ball Fantasy League (CBFL)" is a unique venture to find out, of the participants of an early offseason mock draft, whose thinking and predictions back at that time were, in fact, the best.  The league was originally established in May of 2001 as a spin-off of FF Today's Mock Draft #1.  Playing out the mock draft as just a regular league was briefly considered, but there were many concerns, not the least of which was the potential variance in the efforts of the team owners following the draft.  As a consequence, the CBFL has a hands-off format unlike that of a typical fantasy football league.  In accordance, so as to make the draft the ultimate determiner, post-draft management had to be eliminated.  Though this system is not one that should be looked upon as a model for mainstream fantasy leagues, it does provide an intriguing option for those out there who:  1) have a habit of ending up playing in too many leagues, and 2) want a true test of their draft mettle.  Also, the approach inherently incorporates some innovative specifics, which could be applied in a more typical fantasy league framework.

Here are the particulars of and rules particular to the "Crystal Ball" system:

Teams are drafted/rosters are put together according to the following guidelines:

Starting lineups consist of the following:

Finally, here is the scoring system/points structure:

Notes on the Standings and how the Champion is crowned: