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Sep 29th, 2020, 11:03pm EST

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 1   Featured Leagues / GBRFL / Re: 2020 TRADES  on: Sep 17th, 2020, 9:56pm 
Started by DOLFAN | Last post by DOLFAN
Joe traded 2022 3rd round draft pick to Mark Hahn
Mark’s week 2 1st round waiver pick, and Mark’s 2022 7th round draft pick.
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 2   the Gridiron / the Sidelines / Re: G.T.K.Y.G. - Topic: Politics  on: Sep 10th, 2020, 12:13am 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
on Sep 9th, 2020, 10:40pm, DOLFAN wrote:
Our current President is disgracefully representing us as a whole. He knew how bad the virus was the entire time. We can’t trust him, he continues to lie to us, as shown by Bob Woodward’s taped interviews with him released this week. IMO he should resign immediately.

Well, by cracky, Joe, you sold me! That was riveting and deep! I agree,... NOT! But, we can just go back and forth like that all day and just senselessly talk at each other.
Wow! It is shocking how the brainwash of the MSM so thoroughly cleanses one of one's senses. This guy just parrots what the MSM tells him (the Bob Woodward tapes ), and like a good little, insignificant worker bee loses his hivemind and must seek out any even whisper in public of a truth about our President's successes and bury it, even on a measly message-board thread on a rinky-dink fantasy-football forum already buried on the depths of the internet. There is not an insight, argument, or acknowledgment, no less refutation, of a point made or even something informational to be found in this guy's posts. Guy just drones on repeating the MSM narrative and opinion as if he thought it himself and as if WE ALL are not totally surrounded by it and aware of it.
I cannot believe I am even going to entertain such drivel, but regarding the virus response, well, he and the WHO and the CDC and the democrats who distracted us from it with impeachment fantasies who, indeed, eschewed attending the hearing on it in favor of spending time on impeachment and the democrats advising people to go out to festivals and the movies and their MSM enablers... blah, blah, blah. Regarding self-important Bob and his tapes, if listened to, they tell a nuanced story of a guy trying to tamp down fears so as to avoid panicking people and provide a basis for hope. For God's sake, do you even remember the democrat and MSM reaction to President Trump's moratorium on travel from China? This guy surely still believes the "Charlottesville good people on both sides" MSM lie. What a sucker!
Oh, and because I refuse to let this get buried...
on Sep 9th, 2020, 7:32pm, Stegfucius wrote:
According to the MSM, you would hardly even be aware that our President has been nominated -- and very deservingly so -- for the Nobel Peace Prize. It is Trump who lies, though... When liars tell you about someone else's lies, at the very least do not be so gullible! Free your mind by freeing yourself from the hatred the MSM is causing to well inside you!
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 3   the Gridiron / between the 20's / Re: 2020 GBRFL Draft (Picks ONLY!!!)  on: Sep 4th, 2020, 12:31am 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by DB
Dave Bohrer selects...
10.09 - QB Robert Griffin - Ravens

 4   Featured Leagues / GBRFL / Re: GBRFL Web Site, League Fee & General Announcem  on: Sep 3rd, 2020, 7:24am 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
The 2020 GBRFL Draft thread is here:;a ction=display;num=1599132151!!!
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 5   Featured Leagues / GBRFL / Re: 2020 Protection Lists  on: Aug 29th, 2020, 11:59pm 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
QB's - Derek Carr, Drew Lock, Ryan Tannehill, Sam Darnold
RB's - Derrick Henry, Matt Breida, Carlos Hyde, James White
RC's - T. Y. Hilton, Kenny Golladay, Amari Cooper

 6   Featured Leagues / GBRFL / Re: The... Just Talk Thread  on: Aug 27th, 2020, 4:21pm 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
T., with all due respect, that whole, initial line of reasoning is weak. This is when you wheel and deal, bro! You kind of cannot go wrong. Get yourself something for (what you are claiming to perceive essentially to be) nothing -- and build (strategic) good will and relationships in the process... and just have some fun haggling (but not hairsplitting)! This is precisely where the game is played, and instead you are pondering making the, again with all due respect, needlessly dumb move of cutting extra players! If you are going to do that, just give away a couple protection spots and at least make some connections in the process and build yourself some good will with a couple guys.
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 7   the Gridiron / the Sidelines / Re: Happy Birthdays to our fellow Gridironers!  on: Jul 16th, 2020, 4:02am 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
Well, it is the 20th birthday of my marriage to my lovely wife!  That is to say, it is our anniversary!  We wed in the year 2000 on July 15th (which it still is here in Hawaii).  I DEFINITELY could not have asked for a better life partner!  As for her,... she surely could have done better.  I have taken her on way too "exciting" of a roller-coaster ride, and it has taken me, and therefore us, way too long to "arrive".  Still plugging away on that... on several fronts, though, and she remains faithfully on board.
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 8   the Gridiron / the Sidelines / Re: Happy 4th of July!!!  on: Jul 4th, 2020, 9:12pm 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
It seems all hands on deck this year for our nation's birthday!  President Trump is surely trying to remind us of the BETTER parts of America's history and that they outweigh the badder parts even if there are those who want to make hay with the latter for the sake of politics and the advancement of what has now been exposed as a clearly and thoroughgoingly anti-American agenda.  For those who want America's founding to make it to 250 years old, no less 300, it is long past time to wake up to what the schools are filling your kid's heads and hearts with, what you are letting the media industrial complex fill your head and heart with, and what really fills the heads and hearts of those you support with your vote.  It is well beyond time for republicans to whole-heartedly and full-throatedly defend Americanism and Americana lest America will be lost.  In the meantime, we have Republicans Voting Against Trump, still playing politics as usual and evidently oblivious to the "bigger picture" and what is at stake (or who were not limited-government, liberty-loving conservatives to begin with).  Just like the other side, the democratic socialist Marxist BLMocrats and antifacrats, would say, "We are getting to the point where there are no excuses!!!  It is obvious where the other side stands!!!"  Of course, they would say it with expletives, vulgarities and threats, but I digress.
Mind you, on this Earth, we are all imperfect, each and every one of us, each and every nation!  There is no "utopia", cannot be.  That is Sir Thomas Moore's very point.  Now, we have a president whose flaws are many and obvious and merits are obfuscated defending a country whose each and every imperfection is hyperbolically exagerrated and tendentiously emphasized over its merits in an effort to tear it down, quite literally.  There is a certain serendipity to it all that the pro-American among us ought to embrace and get on board with... like NOW!!!
Happy American Independence Day!!!
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 9   the Gridiron / the Sidelines / Re: G.T.K.Y.G. - Topic: Politics  on: Apr 22nd, 2020, 4:08pm 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by DirkDiggler
Cannot take a joke to which there was even a somewhat slightly self-deprecating aspect, mind you? Ugh... Sorry.  

Actually,my comment was made before your joke yesterday. I did infact appreciate the jesting in your text.

 10   the Gridiron / the Red Zone / Player you want to see go to a particular team ...  on: Apr 2nd, 2020, 5:10pm 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
... in a scenario that seems plausible.
I will go first...
I wish the Chiefs would go make an offer to the 49ers and pluck Matt Breida off their roster.  Breida on the Chiefs would be... DELISH!  In that offense, he would give defensive coordinators nightmares -- with the speed of his slashing and cutting -- the likes of which would put Freddie Krueger to shame!
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