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Mar 19th, 2018, 8:52am EST

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 1   Featured Leagues / GBRFL / Re: 2018 TRADES  on: Mar 14th, 2018, 4:23am 
Started by Drew Rosenhaus | Last post by Stegfucius
on Mar 14th, 2018, 12:09am, Drew Rosenhaus wrote:
First trade of the new year:
Stegeman receives Gillislee and protection spot
Hahn receives Bridgewater and Stegeman's final pick 2018

Publicly confirming...
I believe Mark should get Joe's 9th-rounder, which I think is my current last pick in the 2018 draft.
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 2   the Gridiron / the Red Zone / Re: Speculation on 2018 Free Agents  on: Mar 10th, 2018, 11:18pm 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
Besides fantasy football, I am a HUGE Broncos fan (indeed, so much so that I, a Jersey kid, back in the day went all the way out to the University of Denver for college).  I say the following with every objective, rational fiber of my being...
The direction the Broncos should go in at quarterback in free-agency/the draft is to get... Case Keenum!  Compared to Cousins, Keenum can be signed for quite a bit less, like $6-10 million a year less, and for a shorter period of time, like one to three years.  This allows them to keep, sign, and draft (at #5) some other players at key positions, and leave the future at QB open such that they can see what they have in Chad Kelly and Paxton Lynch, both of whom it seems to be too early to give up on (in favor of yet another prospect in the draft).  And, really, how much of a step down from Cousins is Keenum, not fantasy-, but NFL-wise?
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 3   Featured Leagues / GBRFL / Re: And the GBRFL Champion is...  on: Mar 2nd, 2018, 8:01pm 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
    I apologize for my extreme tardiness in wrapping up the season and thank you all for your patience.  I can only say that the reason behind the delay, of which only a couple of you are aware, was VERY legitimate.  Indeed, that situation is still "in process".  Please send positive vibes the way of the Stegs!  In fact, I think many of yous will be quite enthused by the possibility potentially presenting itself...  Life is coming around full-circle, sort of...

    Update up in ''the Bleachers'' on ''the Sidelines...  
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 4   the Gridiron / the Sidelines / Re: the Bleachers  on: Mar 2nd, 2018, 7:53pm 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
Well, it did not happen.  Found out Monday, actually...  Rough, disappointing week...  C'est la vie...  Taking the family to see Brian Regan tonight at the Blaisdell.  
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 5   the Gridiron / the Sidelines / Re: Happy Birthdays to our fellow Gridironers!  on: Feb 17th, 2018, 9:15pm 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by DOLFAN
Happy belated B-Day Steg.
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 6   Featured Leagues / GBRFL / Re: GBRFL Web Site, League Fee & General Announcem  on: Feb 10th, 2018, 5:53pm 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
on Feb 7th, 2018, 1:02am, Stegfucius wrote:
Still working on it, guys...  Just please hang in there.  Week 17 is quite a bit more complicated, and at the moment I have got A LOT going on of great importance to me and my family...

Hang in there, fellas...  It is coming...   I have LOTS of plane time starting this evening during which to knock this out...
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 7   the Gridiron / the Sidelines / Re: How about these QB's out of Hawaii...  on: Jan 15th, 2018, 6:29pm 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
Heck, I did not even mention McKenzie Milton, the QB for the other "National Champions", UCF, AND Jordan Ta'amu, the starter at QB for Ole Miss!!!
The islands are producin'...
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 8   the Gridiron / the Red Zone / Re: Chiefs Team Report  on: Jan 6th, 2018, 10:31pm 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
STILL from "The REAL Feed" somehow:

Chiefs' Kelce sidelined with concussion

The Sports Network: NFL (06.01.2018 20:36)
The Latest on the NFL playoffs on wild-card weekend (all times local):6:25 p.m. ET

I am going to be VERY UN-PC here right now...  Social responsibility at the expense of personal responsibility ruins everything!  As concussions go, Kelce's today seemed fairly minor, but the loss of Kelce was a major factor in costing the Chiefs the game.  If given the CHOICE, Kelce, after being informed of the severity of the concussion and if it in fact was mild to moderate, may very well have chosen to return to the game.
    Libbos and lefties, driven by radical egalitarianism, deep-down hate choice because freedom of choice ultimately implies inequality of outcomes or, at least, the perception thereof!

When is the NFL going to remember that football is a violent, CONTACT sport, much more similar in kind to boxing or MMA than golf?  Indeed, why are NFL players, who make substantially more on average than boxers and mixed martial artists, treated with such kid gloves?  If professional boxing and MMA were put under the same scrutiny as the NFL regarding injuries and concussions in particular, they would not survive for such scrutiny serves to undermine the very nature of those sports.  As football is similar in kind to boxing and MMA, the NFL had better proceed with eyes wide open to the objective reality and logic presented here lest it may cause its own destruction.
NFL, it is time to turn the page on this, get real and get your lawyers to craft contracts such that these well-off, if not downright wealthy players know exactly what they are signing up for!
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 9   the Gridiron / the Sidelines / Re: G.T.K.Y.G. - Topic:  Politics  on: Jan 6th, 2018, 8:52pm 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
Liberal, democrat members of Congress meet with a far-left, democrat psychiatrist from the leftist-dominated Ivy League wing of liberal, democrat academia, who has never met Donald Trump mind you, and it is reported on by a leftist, democrat press, none of whom, from any of these groups, has the self-awareness to realize that they constitute the very hyper-partisan echo chamber that they inhabit... mp/index.html le-psychiatrist-who-warned-772328
This is considered news in the Anti-Trump era!
These attacks on Trump's mental fitness make me recall Martin Luther King's wisdom that a healthy person will seem sick in a sick society.
And, then, there is this to consider... ing-jr/
Do your homework!  Be reasonable!  Be thoughtful!  Be an independent thinker, and do not be misled by fake news!
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 10   Featured Leagues / GBRFL / Re: Time Has Come To Revisit the 3-Strike Rule  on: Jan 3rd, 2018, 5:02am 
Started by Stegfucius | Last post by Stegfucius
on Jan 2nd, 2018, 6:38pm, Travistotle wrote:
We should be mindful not to fall into the knee-jerk reaction of legislating to solve such problems.  It may in fact be that the best course of action is to tighten the requirements and increase the penalty.  But it may be that legislation is not the right course of action at all.  There are alternatives, depending on what it was that caused the omission of lineup submissions.

Of course, T, I am in general philosophical agreement with you, hence my comment regarding preferring implied "unwritten rules" to explicit rules for every little thing, which is labor-intensive and mind-numbing.  A proliferation of rules guarantees only one thing: more offenses and, therefore, more offenders (who, moreover, are subject to increasingly arbitrary enforcement), and after all, it always comes down to people's or at least some (courageous) person's having to have good judgment, anyway, amidst a forest of rules or just one.
It seems quite clear to me that the NFL schedule is a culprit: some weeks the first game is Thursday morning, some week it's Thursday evening, some weeks it's Saturday, and some weeks it's Sunday.  One non-legislative way to address this is to have reminders posted on the GBRFL thread (or reminder emails!) indicating when the first game is that week.
Another culprit is the busy-ness of the holiday seasons.  The same non-legislative action -- reminders on the website or via email -- might be helpful in this case, also.  We might also think about being lenient when a lineup submission is missed during the holiday season.
(We should keep in mind the possibility that an owner forgoes submitting a lineup because he is ok with the lineup from the week prior and has no intention of picking up free agents.  Obviously, if he has the time, he should submit the lineup just to make it clear he is on top of things; but isn't it possible that sometimes he doesn't have much time that week, and is ok with the lineup from the prior week, and doesn't see any free agents to pick up, so he omits submitting a lineup in favor of doing whatever it is that needs to be done and is pressing him for time that week [work, family, whatever]?)
My point is that communication is critical here.  If one of us sees an owner failing to submit a lineup, drop him a line and see if all is well -- a gentle reminder, at most.   If an owner fails to submit a lineup twice during a season, perhaps the Commish can get on the phone and have a conversation.  If it becomes clear that the owner in question is so busy that he can't consistently get lineups in, or is so indifferent that he doesn't care to, THEN we get together and decide what to do.  Yes, this means deciding on a case-by-case basis, rather than instituting a hard-and-fast rule with automatic penalties; but this is a small community -- there's only 10 of us! -- and we're not complete strangers (some of us are close friends!), so I say be wary of the legislative hammer.  
    I might add that the knee-jerk legislative hammer approach is the bane of our political life, on both sides of the aisle.  "Oh, there was a shooting at a school/hotel/concert?  Gun regulation!"  "Oh, we need more intelligence to forestall attacks?  Big Brother surveillance!"  "A policeman shot and killed a man?  Cop cameras!"  When we are so insistent upon equality and rather indifferent about liberty, and when we want legislation to solve all our problems, this is what happens, and it is the tried-and-true path to tyranny.  We have been warned about this for centuries: Plato, the Founding Fathers, de Tocqueville, von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, etc.

A few comments and mild, but significant critiques... and then a serious proposal...
Out of the 17 weeks of the NFL regular season, there are actually only three weeks when the kickoff for the week is not 8:25 p.m. (EST) Thursday night: Thanksgiving Thursday, Week 16 when it is on Saturday, and Week 17 when it is on Sunday (like old times).
It seems like a lot of what you suggest is,... well,... more work for me, or at least requires me to have to be more "on the ball" and moreover puts me on the spot (I would be set up to get the blame for the week(s) I forget to send out the reminder email).  Whatever, though...  What I really question is the idealism and effectiveness of this tack.  One of this year's violators, in fact, was contacted about getting in a lineup, and the message was ignored or at least not heeded!  The other is an owner for whom we do not have very good contact information and who has generally become quite a bit difficult to get in touch with in late years.
Now, there is an easy fix for the instances when owners do not submit lineups because they have no changes to make and do not want to request any free-agents.  We could start a "No Change in Lineup" thread here on our message board on which owners, without accumulating a strike, can announce that they have no changes to make in their lineup for the week.  But, even for that, it seems like there should be a limit.  Heck, it seems like that could make things worse!  One could avoid submitting a real lineup all year long and never get penalized.  I do not know...
The bottom line, T, all, is that we have not really had a rule for this.  Vis-à-vis T's off-topic comments, the better policy analogy here would actually be sanctuary cities (and now states -- good job, Travis).  Indeed, while the lottery presents a slightly mitigating factor, not submitting lineups (and tanking games) is ultimately REWARDED with, at least, a higher chance of getting a better draft pick.
Now, speaking of the draft lottery, part of the idea behind the lottery was for it to act as a mild deterrent against throwing games.  While the lottery may be fun, I have noted that the lottery has failed in this respect.  Indeed, I have imagined alternatives, which I am realizing may solve our problem here in a way that is not so harsh and, quite frankly, more just!  I have thought that we could make the lottery unweighted so that each of the bottom five teams' chances is made the same.  That, however, just pushes the proverbial bulge in the carpet toward 5th place (perhaps in favor of plaque contention as, to my chagrin mind you, there are guys in this league like Danny who do not even want a plaque unless it is for 1st place), and while it does not give participants a reason to come in 10th place, it also does not give cellar dwellers incentive to move up.
So, how about a proportionally weighted, but multi-tiered lottery that goes as follows?  6th place upwardly through 3rd place (for which there would still be a plaque) vie for draft picks 1 through 4; 10th place upwardly through 7th place vie for draft picks 5 through 8; 2nd place and 1st place still just get the 9th and 10th draft picks, respectively.  WOW, no???  No suspense is lost.  Indeed, more people are involved!  That means more fun to be had.  Moreover, it really does incentivize always doing your best, minimize reasons for finishing low in the standings, and penalize those who have mailed it in, and it is NOT a harsh measure per se.
THOUGHTS?  On this?  On anything???

    Yeah, but could you not read what Plato is suggesting as an alternative to incessant legislation as perhaps something worse?  A cabal of elite benefactors...  Gee, nothing could go wrong with that. ...
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