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(Message started by: StegRock on Sep 5th, 2002, 11:31pm)

Title: Who's who???
Post by StegRock on Sep 5th, 2002, 11:31pm

I just posted the following thread over at the "between the 20's" board:;action=display;num=1031292500

It regards getting some takes from our fellow "Gridiron" members on our player moves for the week.  At any rate, I was putting some smilies in (you'll see how I was doing it), and I realized that I had chosen, by chance, 10 smilies, which would just happen to equal the number of members in the GBRFL.  Then, I started looking at them, trying to match each one with one of you.  At this point, I DEFINITELY know who two of them are!  What do you guys think?  And, I wonder if you guys will be thinking the same thing as me regarding what I consider to be the two obvious ones! [smiley=hmmmm.gif]

Title: Re: Who's who???
Post by StegRock on Sep 9th, 2002, 5:25am

You guys are probably to fuckin' lazy to click on the God damn thread.  Here you, or should I say we, are:

[smiley=beatnik.gif] [smiley=headbanger.gif] [smiley=pimpin.gif] [smiley=rasta.gif] [smiley=smileytrash.gif] [smiley=spcartman.gif] [smiley=spstan.gif] [smiley=spkyle.gif] [smiley=spkenny.gif] [smiley=spchef.gif]

Doug, I can't lie.  You're obvious!

Uhhhhh, Joe, you are, too! [smiley=rollinwithlaughter.gif]

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