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   Scoring League VS Yardage League
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Scoring League VS Yardage League
« on: Sep 24th, 2007, 5:41pm »
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Check this out. Heres my Running backs  
1. Steve Jackson (Has not scored)
2. Travis Henry (scored once)
3. Larry Maroney (Has not scored)
4. Lendale White (scored once)
5. Kevin Jones (scored once)
6. Sammy Morris (Scored twice)
I can start two rb's per week. So far I have felt compelled to start Jackson and Henry. Three weeks and 1 TD. Those numbers do not spell victory very often.  
Now my duece team is fairly straight forward as to who the starters are. W.Parker, A. Peterson and D.McAllister this week. You or anyone could look at the starters and figure out who to choose without much doubt. The challenge at the Duece is to build a winning team over time. Then compete with it.
This brings me to my point. If the Duece were not a keeper league then it would not be near as challenging as the scoring only league. First off, there really isnt any scoring only cheat help. You will find guides that say their cheat sheet is based on scoring only, but take a good look at it. Its primarily the same as the rest of the cheats. Touch down thievery becomes much more important. Look at an average player draft:
Second "Huddle" Rankings/Mock Draft of '07  
1. RB LaDainian Tomlinson - Chargers  
2. RB Steven Jackson - Rams  
3. RB Larry Johnson - Chiefs  
4. RB Frank Gore - 49ers  
5. RB Shawn Alexander - Seahawks  
6. RB Joseph Addai - Colts  
7. RB Brian Westbrook - Eagles  
8. QB Peyton Manning - Colts  
9. RB Travis Henry - Broncos  
10. RB Willie Parker - Steelers  
11. RB Rudi Johnson - Bengals  
12. WR Steve Smith - Panthers  
13. RB Laurence Maroney - Patriots  
14. QB Carson Palmer - Bengals  
15. RB Reggie Bush - Saints  
As of week 3, Out of that group Westbrook, Addai and Steve Smith are your top players in a scoring only. Most of the other backs have either scored just once in three weeks, or are yet to score at all. My scoring only cheat sheet from PFW follows our mock draft almost exactly. Look at Larry Maroney. Maroney runs up and down the field yet Sammy Morris gets the goal line carries. Matt Spaeth? I'd be willing to bet he doesnt have 10 TD's in his life. 2 games in Pittsburgh and he has 2 TD's. Show me that in a guide! Any guide. Its evident that most guides spend little time researching TD only leagues.  
A yardage league is easy. You follow down the list of most any mock draft, take a chance every now and again. You will probably, Barring injury enjoy a competitive team. You know, how the girl who knows almost nothing about basketball wins the NCAA office pool. Seriously, A guy at my work jumped into a work buddy yardage league on Yahoo, followed down the cheat sheet he printed off line. Drafted the best availible player and Whammo! He's in first place. He is so football stupid he couldn't tell you the difference between a safety and a safety. He's in first place. He simply starts his highest rated players on his cheat sheet so he doesnt look stupid. He does know to look for Byes and Injuries. What more does he need to be a champion.
Look at the 6 running backs on my team in the first column above. Those guys are on a team that is in last place. It's almost funny. After week 2 I tried to trade Jackson For Marvin Harrison. It wasnt even considered. I have 3 runningbacks that were considered by many to be in the top 10. Now Im stuck with them.
Purhaps a scoring only league should be refered to as  
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Re: Scoring League VS Yardage League
« Reply #1 on: Sep 25th, 2007, 6:02pm »
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You are correct sir, mostly, !


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Re: Scoring League VS Yardage League
« Reply #2 on: Oct 5th, 2007, 9:20pm »
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Thats It? Thats It? Hello?
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