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(Message started by: foxx on Sep 30th, 2011, 1:42am)

Title: TradeDebate
Post by foxx on Sep 30th, 2011, 1:42am
Hey guys,
Too many times I made fantasy trades that didn't pan out, proposed trades that I thought were great only to get rejected, or made trades that I thought was great but really wasn't. Just like everyone else, I would always ask people in my league what they thought of the trades that I was either going to make or had already made, but soon realized that it was impossible to get a non-biased opinion when in competition. So I created a website to help fantasy owners get the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision without getting traders remorse. Thus came to be.

What is TradeDebate? is a free fantasy trade evaluation site created in order to help fantasy sports managers make tough decisions when making trades. Whether it is a trade that you have made or are contemplating making, the Trade Debate nation will examine your trade and vote on what they would do had it been their own team. Trade Debate offers a comprehensive database that tracks every trade, the players who have been traded, and who they are being traded for. With this knowledge fantasy owners can gauge the value of their player's worth, and the market in which those players are being traded for.

Once your trade is posted, it will immediately be given a 48 hour window in which the Trade Debate community will vote for which side they would rather have. With that information, you can decide whether this is the right trade for you. also offers free fantasy articles discussing trades, players, strategies, tips, and waiver wire advice. We also offer a message board to not only talk about all things fantasy, but smack talk your friends and their horrible trade offers.

We present free evaluation, information, and analysis to the fantasy trading community. We aren't looking for any money as it is completely free. Our goal is for your fantasy squad to improve, and for you to take home some hardware. Come check us out.

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