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Jan 16th, 2021, 3:06am EST

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   G.T.K.Y.G. - Topic: Politics
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   Author  Topic: G.T.K.Y.G. - Topic: Politics  (Read 4012 times)
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Re: G.T.K.Y.G. - Topic: Politics
« Reply #50 on: Jan 11th, 2021, 6:02pm »
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So you think an armed coup of not just our nation’s capital, plus all 50 state capitals is the answer from a man that lost the election?

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Re: G.T.K.Y.G. - Topic: Politics
« Reply #51 on: Jan 14th, 2021, 4:01pm »
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on Jan 11th, 2021, 6:02pm, DOLFAN wrote:
So you think an armed coup of not just our nation’s capital, plus all 50 state capitals is the answer from a man that lost the election?

"Friend"-to-"friend", Joe, would you please send me this literally mindless, 30-seconds-to-compose, troll-level drivel by private message or text so that I can 1) avoid wasting my time and just ignore it at least until I have the time to comfortably respond to it instead of 2) being compelled to take you to task a.s.a.p. on this somewhat public forum, which is supposed to be for serious, sincere discussion, when I do not really have the time for this non sequitur nonsense???
What you post here is exactly what I want us to be above on this thread.  All you have done is post a rhetorical question that communicates to anybody with a half a brain that you believe that any person who disagrees with your point is insane or at least worthy of condemnation and scorn.  How you are treating me here with these thoughtless, nonengaging, nonresponsive, glib messages that take less than a minute to compose exhibits the behavior of an anonymous, online troll, to which I am going to respond in kind...
You are obviously fully indoctrinated and incapable of even fathoming any other side than the one which you have been programmed by the establishment to believe, no less of thinking as a free person for himself.  Indeed, the fact that you cannot even edit out the encoding of your message (when you presumably do your copy-and-paste) makes it seem as though you are a bot, which frankly speaking is not far off.  As evinced by the very nature of your post, you cannot believe not everybody agrees with you!  How can someone of such obviously modest intellect come to be so self-assured that anything other than agreement with his position is so absurd that all he has to do to evoke approbation is express his position as a mere rhetorical question without any elaboration or justification?  Oh, by not thinking for yourself, you stupid pawn!
After all, what has happened at our 50 State Capitols?  For that matter, as awful as that one day last week was, degree matters!  Ashli Babbitt, unarmed, slain in our Capitol, where are her murals?  Yeah, I understand the history, but in the present, a human life is still a human life, and degree matters, and if not, then all human lives are not necessarily human lives, and all lives do not matter... as they keep telling us over and over and over... until you get used to it,... until you repeat it.  Aaron Danielson?  Who is that?  (Yeah, go "Google" him because you do not know off the top of your head.)  Bernell Trammell.  Right, all black lives do not matter.  (Again, get to "Googling", right?)  Collateral damage...  Well, not really...  Like the officers maimed or killed, they were hits!  Collateral damage would be more like the young men killed in CHAZ or CHOP, during the "summer of love".  The officer who died as a result of last Wednesday's events, he was just in the way.  But, who cares?  It is not all lives matter, we are told!
What if the shoe were on the other foot last Wednesday?  What if it was done in the name of BLM instead of MAGA?  Could you imagine what Statuary Hall would look like now?  You probably cannot imagine it, or at least you are not supposed to imagine it, not allowed to imagine it, and that is right where the establishment wants you, that is, unable to think for yourself, unable to think independently, unable to think.  Just stay high, shut in, locked down, on disability, in the basement repeating their one-line lines of pablum like a little lobotomized drone even on obscure websites like this.  Guess it makes sense...  While they torpedo the bigger platforms like Parler, they need losers like you to stifle the opposition on rinky-dink, ghost-town fantasy-football websites.  The classical liberal notion of "loyal opposition" does not exist in socialistic authoritarianism, which indeed necessitates "crushing opposition" from top to BOTTOM, which requires good little foot soldiers like DOLFAN here.  They have called President Trump a tyrant for four years.  What tyranny?  There have been more top-down tyrannical activities so far under the "administration" of President-"Elect" Biden!  But, you only know that if you are experiencing and thinking for yourself.  If the likes of, say, the Lincoln Project is doing your thinking for you, your brain is just a side dish at the establishment's Hannibal Lecter buffet.  When they -- and you -- taste yours, though, they realize that what has been served up out of your unbelievably thick skull is more Salò than Silence of the Lambs, and so they send you with your poo-eating grin on your merry, little way to do their bidding at
But, I digress...
To reduce what has been going on to false hope ex post facto about an election is nothing but MSM and demoncrat propaganda!  This is about WAAAAAAY more than that or Trump!  It is about 40+ years of political correctness, which you, Joe, just campaigned and voted for a heaping serving of for at least the next two years, perhaps the next four years, and potentially for the indefinite future insofar as there was something to those hundreds of affidavits and several pieces of evidence of, to quote Guiliani,... eh-hem, no... Ellis,... eh-hem, no... Powell,... eh-hem, no... Wood,... eh-hem, no... BIDEN, the "most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."  What is unfolding is a product of pent up frustration about this toxic, unpatriotic, America-hating, anti-colonialism, reverse-racist, indoctrination-filled, education-light PC culture running amok and destroying the country's future by rotting the apples on the tree from the root up via our schools, the advocacy for which had started to become out in the open but will now go into hyperdrive.  It would not surprise me if Biden appoints "Dr." Robin DiAngelo (yeah, "Google" her; I am sure you are like...  ) to some post in his administration, that is, if she is willing to give up her ultra-lucrative gig in the private sector getting government and corporate contracts to do "consulting" work.  (Then, after looking up Ms. DiAngelo, wake up from being woke with some Heather Mac Donald!)  At any rate, in terms of actual, on-the-ground movements, what you are witnessing now dates back, ironically, to how Bush Derangement Syndrome started really galvanizing conservatives in 2003 through the Tea Party movement that started in 2009, and the Convention of States coalition that started around 2014, and all of which has now culminated in a solid base of patriots behind President Trump and the MAGA doctrine.  These are the people that the democrat-socialist left wants "reeducated" and "deprogrammed".  You might say, "Oh, that is just the fringe left," but these ideas are being entertained,... floated,... eh-hem,... trial-ballooned on MSNBC and CNN!  It is so as to set the stage for the introduction of the "light" version of that, which will come through, to bring this around full circle, our public schools and the implementation of, say, the 1619 project, which seeks to deconstruct and refound America by attacking the Republic right at its foundation, 1776!
Bottom line, it is unsustainable to continue saying, as one haughty jackass once said, that "there is no there there" as regards the arguments, suspicions and findings of one side whilst legitimizing, justifying and dignifying just about each and every accusation, allegation and supposition from the other side with massive investigations, media blitzes, brutal character assassinations, arrests and even presidential impeachmentS!  It is no longer just the leftist creep.  They are goose-stepping right out in the open... and fast!  A few posts ago here I referred to the coming of "corporate communism".  Consider,... or not, and return to your MSM trough of bilious swill regurgitated by the likes of George Conway, Steve Schmidt and Don Lemon.
If you have any capacity for free thought left in you and the information sources you consult cited and promoted theories that justify and/or minimize the riots and violence that took place over the summer and still taking place until now in places like Portland but incessantly seek to delegitimize and exaggerate what has been going on over the last few days, and your position reflects their position, at the very least you have to hit the intellectual smelling salts and consult an information source from the other side, whatever that other side is!
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