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“Winter Meeting” Voting results – Tallied 1/27/02

(Note that some of the issues/items have multiple parts… if you vote “YES”.  Be sure to vote accordingly.)


Item 1) Should we bring in a 1 or 2 spot injured reserve, IR, next year?  (If this passes,

        the details will have to be hammered out at the Winter Meeting, so I may need

        further votes from those not in attendance either after or during the meeting.



        that area of stickiness!)

        VOTE  >>  YES / NO / ABSTAIN

                   3     5      0


    1a) If YES, how many IR spots should we add?

        VOTE  >>  1 / 2


Item 2) Should the overall impact of “Defense and Special Teams” be reduced?  (Same ole’,

        same ole’!)

        VOTE  >>  YES / NO / ABSTAIN

                   6     2      0


    2a) If YES, generally speaking, by how many points would you like to see each category

        (that gets affected) reduced?  (This is definitely one of those things you may want

        to expound on in the “Comments” section immediately below.)

        VOTE  >>  1 / 2

                  7   0


    2b) If YES, should the reduction affect all points awarded, head-to-head and bonus

        points, or just points awarded head-to-head?


                                      4                            2                  1


Item 3) Should the bonus level for the “Defensive and Special Teams” category “Points

        Allowed” be reduced from 14?

        VOTE  >>  YES / NO / ABSTAIN

                   2     3      1


    3a) If YES, to what should it be reduced?

        VOTE  >>  10 / 11 / 12 / 13


Item 4) Would you like to see the “2 pt. Conversion” category reinstated?  (This category

        was removed primarily due to the fact that it was an administrative pain in the ass

        for me, having to look each and every one up.  But, now that I am using a stats

        service, it would be easy to reincorporate.)

        VOTE  >>  YES / NO / ABSTAIN

                   5     3      0


    4a) If YES, would you like to see 3 separate “2 pt. Conversion” categories for passing,

        rushing and receiving or just one combined “2 pt. Conversion” category?


                            0                      5


Item 5) Given the addition of a team next year, would you like to continue playing each team

        3 times making for a 29-game season (9 teams X 3 games + 2 bumper week games = 29)

        or would you prefer to play each team 2 times making for a 20-game season (9 teams X

        2 games + 2 bumper week games = 20)?  (This is totally up to preference.  Do not

        worry about considering how much work it is for me.  It does not matter at all.  The

        fact that we will have an even number of teams in one division is the key for making

        my job way easier.  Also, I really want to maintain the “Bumper Week.”  I think it

        is an original component of our league that must remain, not to mention that it is

        better than having or not having playoffs, in my opinion.  So, however I devise the

        schedule, I wholeheartedly plan to keep our final “Bumper Week.”)


                          8                  0


Item 6) Would you like to see the bonus level for “Points Scored” by a Defense/Special Teams

        be adjusted from 12 to 8?  (The spirit of this is to reward 2 scores as best we can.

        It could be said that the “bonus level” could just be “2 (scores)” so as to include

        two safeties.  However, given the rarity of 2 safeties occurring in a single game

        against the work it would take to have this “automatically” calculated by the

        spreadsheet, given the way our scoring system is structured, making the bonus level

        “8 points (a touchdown and safety minimum)” is sufficient.  Also, making it “4

        points (2 safeties)” is not possible for the obvious reason that 4 points are fewer

        than are awarded for 1 touchdown.)

        VOTE  >>  YES / NO / ABSTAIN

                   6     1      1



“Expansion Issues” Voting results – Tallied 12/2/01


Before I present the items to be voted on, I want to announce that we will NOT be voting on the issue of allowing Doug to trade his 12 “supplemental” picks.  Based on feedback from a consensus of the owners and as no other truly viable options were proposed, I, as league commissioner and administrator, am making the decision to “keep it simple.”  Trying to deal with this is just opening a Pandora’s box of potential problems that we might find ourselves constantly trying to back-peddle out of.  Also, frankly speaking, on the personal side, I do not have the time, energy or patience to deal with this sticky issue.  I liked our decision last time to keep it simple; we are not going to rescind it.  THIS IS NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION!


(Note that some of the issues/items have multiple parts… if you vote “YES”.  Be sure to vote accordingly.)


Item 1) Should our rosters be cut down?  (This is for the sake of maintaining a free-agent

        pool comparable to the one we currently have.)

        VOTE  >>  YES / NO / ABSTAIN

                   7     2      0


    1a) If YES, to what should our rosters be cut down?

        VOTE  >>  20 / 21

                   3    4


Item 2) Should Doug be allotted extra picks in the regular draft?

        VOTE  >> YES / NO / ABSTAIN

                  8     1      0


    2a) If YES, should the extra pick per round come at the beginning of each round or in

        the middle?  (He will be given this extra pick in each round as per the outcome of

        “2b” below.)


                      2          6


    2b) If YES, how many rounds deep should he be given the extra pick?  (To avoid overly

        complicating this issue, we are dealing with this simply in terms of consecutive

        rounds, and the voting options are simply “1, 2, 3, 4, ALL”.)

        VOTE  >>  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / ALL

                  0   1   4   2    1


Item 3) Should Doug be given extra (untradable) free-agent picks during the season?

        VOTE  >>  YES / NO / ABSTAIN

                   5     4      0


    3a) If yes, should the extra pick for each week that applies be at the beginning of the

        1st round or in the middle of the 1st round?  (He will be given this extra pick each

        week as per the outcome of “3b” below.  Also note, he will still get his two other

        regular picks based on the standings.)


                      1          4


    3b) If yes, how many weeks deep into the season should he get the extra free-agent pick?

        (I will take the average of all your votes to arrive at an answer for this one.

        Five weeks should be more than enough to vote on.)

        VOTE  >>  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

                  0   0   3   0   2

                  (“4” is the rounded average of the votes.)


Item 4) How many teams should be included in the Draft Lottery?  (Heretofore, it has been 5.

        The question is do we want to cut it down to 4 JUST FOR NEXT SEASON’S DRAFT.  This

        potentially impacts whether Doug would get the 6th pick or 7th pick as his extra

        pick.  The implementation of the Draft Lottery as a whole is not up for discussion

        or vote.)

        VOTE  >>  4 / 5

                  6   2


Item 5) As for the issue of implementing an “injured reserve,” at this time I am simply

        going to ask…

        Do you want to bring in a 1 or 2 spot IR next year?  (If need be, we can deal with

        the details of this at the Winter Meeting.)

        VOTE  >>  YES / NO / ABSTAIN

                   3     3      3

                  (We will deal with this in thorough at the Winter Meeting.)




E-mail sent 11/4/01 with addendum from e-mail sent 11/5/01 and adjustments
to dates as per e-mail sent 11/6/01
Re:  GBRFL important rules stuff in connection w/ expansion!




I am realizing that for various factors, not the least of which is the fact that trades including protection spots and draft picks are going to start becoming more prevalent as we approach the trading deadline (our Week 14), we need to deal with some of the core issues inherently connected to next year’s expansion BEFORE the Winter Meeting.  I am thinking we should actually deal with the voting on these issues on-line via e-mail.  Another good reason for doing it this way is that when Doug comes to the Winter Meeting, he will not have to be excluded from any of the proceedings of the meeting.


Moving right along… at this stage of the game, what I am going to do is take suggestions regarding the issues connected to expansion and (possibly) making things a tad easier on Doug.  I want all of these “preliminary” suggestions to be submitted to me no later than Sunday, November 18th.  Then, I will put things in order so they can be on formally voted on.  We will do the voting the following week, the week of the 19th, and all votes will need to be submitted by Sunday, November 25th.


Some of the things that have already been suggested to me are:  1) specifically regarding helping Doug, letting him have 2 picks in Round 1 of the Draft, or, perhaps, 2 picks during each of the first 6 rounds so, if he did not make any trades affecting this, he would be done drafting in the 6th round, or some resolution in between, and 2) regarding the general effects of expansion, cutting our roster size down to 21 or 20 or, perhaps, even less, and, maybe, adding an IR spot or two.  I have to admit, though, as administrator of the league, I do not like the potential hairiness that implementing an injured reserve presents.  I may defer, as commissioner/administrator, to my power to “veto” when it comes to this issue, but I am open to hearing out any supporters.  I would just appreciate it if you would please think through your stance to a reasonable degree before making your judgment.  Adding an IR would be one of those small things that would actually, if you really think about it, potentially, be a real headache and, depending on how we decided to implement it, create quite a bit of work.  Can you trade players you put on your IR?  If so, how would that manifest?  Who can you put on IR?  Should we be permitted to “trade” IR spots?  Instinctively, you would probably say no, but…  Just think it through before jumping to a conclusion/on the bandwagon.


A somewhat important addendum – it was brought to my attention that, given the expansion, the draft lottery may need to be adjusted for next year.  Doug will at least be given the first pick of the each round in which he participates.  He is not subject to the Draft Lottery.  The question is… do we only want the 6th through 9th Place teams in the Lottery, in all likelihood constituting Draft picks 2 through 5 or do we want the 5th through 9th Place teams, as usual, in the Lottery, in all likelihood constituting Draft picks 2 through 6?  Remember we still have to hammer out whether or not Doug will be given 2 picks per round in certain rounds and which two picks they would be.  This issue is not up for vote now, but it will be part of next week’s e-mail voting.  I just thought everybody should be apprised of it now as people may be considering trades for Draft picks.


One issue that was brought up that, as commissioner, I have decided to put the kibosh on NOW is the consideration of reducing the number of protection spots.  I said initially that I was averse to this as it was something which was imperative to vote on prior to this season.  As the trading deadline approaches, not knowing how many protection spots we are dealing with is a bad thing.  Well, now, let it be known.  However we decide we are going to give Doug a break, it is NOT going to involve reducing the number of protection spots we have for next season.  We agreed on 12 and that is what we are sticking with.  So, if you decide to do trades involving protection spots, know that you are working with 12.  That is it for that.  No more discussion!  Sorry!  However, if you are planning on making trades involving draft picks, keep in mind that you may get bumped back an extra spot if we decide to give Doug 2 picks in certain rounds.


Well, I think that about covers it.  I look forward to hearing all of your suggestions and ideas.  I am...


...Your Friend in the Path of Truth,


Commissioner & Webmaster, GBRFL



League Report 1/14/01
Re:  Results of the voting on league issues




Here are the issues that were brought up for discussion at the Winter Meeting as they were originally presented in an e-mail dated 1/6/01:


1)  Bumping Protection Spots back up to 12 AFTER NEXT SEASON.

2)  2 pt. Bonus if kicker kicks 2 (or more) field goals of 50 yards or more.

3)  Separating 2-pt. conversions into passing, rushing and receiving instead of having it as just one all-inclusive category.

4)  Adding "# of receptions" as a small receiving category.

5)  Setting the default for interceptions in the passing category to 99 (i.e. in reality, infinity) if a team has NO pass attempts.  This has been a holdover glich from the ASG years.

6)  Adding "forced fumbles" as a small defensive & special teams category.

7)  Adding "rushing yards allowed" as a small defensive & special teams category.

8)  Adding "best single tackler" as a small defensive & special teams category.

9)  Bringing back the "return yardage" small category for defense & special teams as a small category which would this time include all return yardage, including on interceptions.

10) Bumping the trading deadline back a week or two to Week's 13 or 14.

11) The tight end thing we discussed at this past Summer Meeting.


Anything brought up spontaneously at the Winter Meeting will be re-brought up at the Summer Meeting unless there is overwhelming, unanimous support at the meeting as a five-man majority will be present.


Two owners forfeited their privilege to vote by not being present at/available to be contacted during the meeting and not submitting their votes by e-mail or phone by Sunday as instructed.  Formally speaking, they are counted as abstentions.  Thus, in most cases the majority was 4.  As we have always done, the rule additions/changes were approved by an affirmative majority of those who vote “Yes” or “No.”  Here is how the vote turned out including all relevant details:


#1  was passed by a vote of 5 to 2.  Again, this will NOT go into effect until after the 2001 season.

#2  was passed by a vote of 4 to 2 and 1 (conscious abstention).

#3  was rejected by a vote of 6 to 1.  Actually, after spontaneous discussion at the meeting, it was decided by a strong and unanimous 4 to 0 majority to remove the 2 pt. Conversion category altogether.  Effective this upcoming season, there will be no more 2 pt. Conversion category.

#4  was passed by a vote of 6 to 1.  “# of Receptions” will be added as a 2 pt. head-to-head category with a 2 pt. bonus level of 30 catches.  Also, with it in mind to keep the receiving categories balanced, it was unanimously decided to make the “Yards per Reception” category, which heretofore had been a 3 pt. category, a 2 pt. category as well.

#5  was passed by a vote of 7 to 0.

#’s 6 through 9 were rejected without thorough debate as further discussion regarding the “Defensive and Special Teams” categories will be dealt with at the Summer Meeting (see below).

#10 was passed by a vote of 6 to 1.  The trading deadline for the 2001 season will be Week 13.

#11 and all of the proposed variations thereof were rejected.  The proposal of adding a fourth receiver was rejected by a vote of 5 to 2.  The proposal of adding a fourth receiver and having to play one tight end as one of the four was rejected by a vote of 5 to 2.  There were 4 strong votes, i.e. a majority of the voters, against adding a tight end area in any way, shape or form.


Based on discussions at the Winter Meeting, the following will be among the topics for discussion at the Summer Meeting:


1)  Restructuring the points structure of the “Defense and Special Teams” categories.  A couple of options were brought up.  One was simply to shave a point off all of the categories, except perhaps “Touchdowns Scored.”  Another was to separate “Defense” and “Special Teams” in a way that reduces or at least balances the impact of defense.

2)  Adding bonus categories.  One idea was to add stratified bonuses.  Another was to add a bonus category if all the bonuses were gotten in a certain area.

3)  Adding “Offensive line” categories.  This did not receive a whole lot of support from those present at the meeting or by others I had spoken to by phone before the meeting.

4)  Conducting, for fun, some sort of post-season tournament completely independent of the regular final results of the league.  It would take place during the NFL’s post-season.  On this, I have to comment.  This is the second time this has been brought up and by two different owners.  Thus, I believe there exists a real foundation for pursuing this.  The bottom line, though, is that one of the biggest effects this has is making more work for me.  I have nothing against this idea but think it is something that can be worked on independently by the interested parties.  For selfish reasons, if that is what you want to call it, I do not want to prolong the season.  17 weeks + the offseason work I do is enough.  If you are interested in playing in a league that conducts play during the NFL playoffs, there are other leagues out there that offer that feature, namely one of our affiliate leagues, the NAFFLIU.  Our attractive, unique features are the non-playoff format and bumper week, the nine-team, one-division schedule, the categorized, head-to-head points structure with bonus levels, the draft lottery, a no-holds-barred trading approach, the playing of two quarterbacks and three running backs and, to a lesser degree, the inclusion of a coach.  I think all league commissioners should try to find a special niche for their leagues.  I have strived to do this and think that the GBRFL experience is already very comprehensive and unique.  Basically, I am taking the same approach to this as I have regarding playing for money.  If someone else wants to organize and deal with it, go for it.


Well, it is getting pretty late – almost 2:00 a.m.  I am going to get going... to bed.  Thanks to you all again for a great season and what is apparently cooking up to be another great, active offseason in the GBRFL.  I am...


...Your Friend in the Path of Truth,


Commissioner & Webmaster, GBRFL

Excerpts from E-mail sent 8/30/00 with revisions from e-mail sent 8/31/00
Re:  The new way to submit your line-ups!


Hello Boys,


Here is how the new submission form works:


After you press the "Line-ups" button, you will be taken to a frames page.  The top right frame is merely the page header with links back to the home page.  The left frame is where all the "Line-ups" links are.  In the right bottom frame will at first be our logo linking back to the home page and the buttons linking to the other 7 main pages.  To submit your line-up, click on your name in the left frame.  After doing so, you will see a "Password field" in the right bottom frame.  This is the frame that will always change.  At this time you will type in your "Username" and "Password", WHICH I WILL SEND TO EACH OF YOU INDIVIDUALLY WITHIN ONE HOUR OF SENDING OUT THIS E-MAIL.  After successfully gaining passage, you will be taken to a page on which you will click "HERE" to go on to your "Line-up Submission Form."  There you will be required to fill out your full line-up including reserves.  There are also areas for you to make drops and request free-agents, indicate trades and pick up a new coach.  I WOULD LIKE IT IF EVERYBODY USED THE FULL NAMES OF YOUR PLAYERS AND DEFENSES, e.g., type Vinny Testaverde and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in full, so as to avoid any chance of confusion.  After you do it once, your computer should save it for that text box, so you do not have to retype it every time in a given text box, making this very easy.  After completing your line-up submission form, simply press the "Submit Line-up" button.  You will be taken to a confirmation page to double-check things.  From there you can "Return to the form" from a link at the bottom of that page or by using your back button; at the bottom of your "Submission Form" page there will be a red (or yellow) link, which will say "View My Current Roster" and will take you to a page on which you can view your roster submissions for the week.  Besides being displayed thusly, it will also be sent to the league's e-mail address.  YOU MAY SUBMIT/REVISE YOUR LINE-UP AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT UP UNTIL KICKOFF ON SUNDAY.  On most Sundays I will be monitoring this myself, however, your submissions are time-stamped both on the web page and in the e-mail, regardless.  Right after kickoff, providing I have internet access wherever I am, which will almost always be the case, I will tweek the web site making everybody's line-up viewable by everyone by simply typing in your "Username" and "Password" anywhere, i.e., you can use your "Username" and "Password" to pass through to anybody's line-up.  Just click on another owner's name and use your "Username" and "Password" to enter.  Of course, in the rare instances I am not available you will have to wait.  That's about it.  Every Wednesday or Thursday, I will switch the system back for line-up submission for the new week.


Good luck!  I am...


...Your Friend in Truth,


Commissioner & Webmaster, GBRFL

Excerpts from E-mail sent 8/21/00
Re:  GBRFL Web Site updated + other EXTREMELY IMPORTANT news & reminders!


Hey Guys,


If I have not done so already, I would like to thank you all for your participation in this year's Summer Meeting & Draft.  Once again, it was a blast!  We continue to show that we are one the greatest FFL's out there.


First, I would like to remind everybody of what we discussed and decided on at the Meeting.  We did add another step to our current apathetic owner ejection protocol.  Not only will the "3 Strike" rule remain in place, but at the end of the year I will make a list of any owners who did not break the "3 Strike" rule, but are to be, at least, considered for removal due to a severe lack of participation which, however, was not punishable under the stipulations of the "3 Strike" rule.  Also, discussions and voting on the "Lottery" and "Tight End" issues were tabled until the Winter Meeting.


Well, I guess that's about it.  Thanks again for making the Draft so GREAT!  Let's keep the intensity throughout the season... and beyond.  I am...


...Your Friend in Truth,


Commissioner & Webmaster, GBRFL

E-mail sent 12/9/99
Re:  Reminder about the “3 Strike” rule!




Remember the "3 strike" rule we passed at the 1998 Summer Meeting.  It states that if an owner does not submit a line-up for 3 straight weeks, he loses his team or, at least, jeopardizes his future as an owner in the league.  Lately, there have been a couple of you who haven't submitted a line-up for 2 straight weeks.  I understand that that may not necessarily mean that you are not following things, but we passed this rule not with the intention of removing guys from the league.  Rather we want to encourage everyone to participate at least at a minimal level for the whole season and not just give up and continue starting players whose numbers are "non-competitive" when back-ups could be inserted and/or free-agents picked up, which an owner will hopefully do if he has to submit a line-up on a regular basis, i.e., once every three weeks.  Please heed this, and don't test me on it.  Thank you.  I am...


...Your Friend in Truth,


Commissioner & Webmaster, GBRFL

E-mail sent 11/24/99
Re:  Using the spreadsheets to double-check results!




I found a mistake in a game all the way back in Week 4.  Thank God it didn't cause a reversal in the outcome.  It was the game between "Dirk Diggler's Gamecocks" and "I.R.".  I had the final score calculated to 32-0.  However, I had made a typo and typed touchdowns (2) where yards was supposed to be!!!!!  It did cause a reversal in the yards passing category, which changed the final score to 20-0.  Ultimately and luckily, this didn't effect the standings at all.  Nothing would have changed because neither of their positions in the standings were effected.  However,...


The point is, guys, I post the spreadsheets out at the web site for you all to use to double-check your scores.  I can only do so much.  I can't take the time to check scores again and again.  Please start using the SPREADSHEETS to double-check your games.  You can do so easily and quickly.  It would really suck if something really huge was caught at a point in time when nothing could be done about it!  Please try to give me a little help and do this.  Thanks.  I am...


...Your Friend in Truth,


Commissioner & Webmaster, GBRFL

E-mail sent 10/21/99
Re:  Late line-up submissions will NOT be accepted!




This week I received a line-up after the kickoff of the Thursday night game.  This line-up was not accepted, so the changes and free-agent requests indicated therein do not apply.  I made an effort to inform everyone about the Thursday night game, even though that is not required of me, and was very clear on the issue of not accepting line-ups after kickoff.  I am standing firm on this issue and will continue to enforce it strictly in the future.  Two other owners did not submit line-ups.  Perhaps, they did not remember the Thursday night game until after they saw it on TV, and would have liked to have submitted a line-up, too, but decided not to because they knew they were too late.  In this case, theoretically, they could have gone after the same free-agents as the team whose line-up was sent late, and...  I don't think I need to spell this out any more.  The consequences of this are too great.  Sorry!  I am...


...Your Friend in Truth,


Commissioner & Webmaster, GBRFL

E-mail sent 9/25/99
Re:  Results Page & “Hitting” the Home Page!




If you want to double-check the scores of your games, go to the "Results" page and download the spreadsheets for your games.  The whole point of having such a thoroughly informative and useful site is to make the big job of running the league more efficient and, ultimately, easier on and funner for me.  Moving right along, after opening the spreadsheet, whether in your browser or on your computer, you can view the precise statistical breakdown of your game.  The sheet is very user-friendly!  You can also easily plug in different numbers to see how the game would have come out had you played different players, and, more importantly, you can make sure I didn't make any mistakes.  I wouldn't typically expect any mistakes on my part.  I do the stats fairly diligently.  However, little things such as 2 point conversions, passes by non-quarterbacks, rushes by receivers and the like, are sometimes easy to overlook.


Also, when visiting the web site please make sure to go to the home page at http://www.fantasyfootballer.com/gbrfl/ before leaving if you already hadn't.  That page has a hit box which allows me to track the hits the site is getting.  If you are usually in a big rush when visiting the site, then set our page as your browser's "Home Page" if you don't have another more important page to go to at first.  You can easily set this by going to "Tools" then "Internet Options" and then "General" on your Internet Explorer.  You probably use a similar path for other browsers, but I'm not sure.  By doing this, your browser will take you to our site first when logging on to the internet, and, thus, save you time.  That's about it.  I am...


...Your Friend in Truth,


Commissioner & Webmaster, GBRFL

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