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   Panthers Team Report
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Re: Panthers Team Report
« Reply #25 on: Nov 4th, 2017, 3:57pm »
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on Nov 4th, 2017, 2:23am, Stegfucius wrote:
Just inquiring out loud here...
With Kelvin Benjamin (who is a legit #1) now gone, could Curtis Samuel and Devin Funchess (who I think is a #2-type guy, not a #1) be the next Steve Smith (a legit #1) and Muhsin Muhammed (a #2) for the Panthers??? Seems a reasonably strong possibility... At least, according to what coach Rivera is saying, it seems like that is what he is envisioning.

I think that is very positive thinking.    In regards to what Rivera is saying, he really can't say, "we're fucked".   He is putting a positive spin on it.   It doesn't help that Cam has not looked like himself this year at all.    The panthers offense has been painful to watch at times.   I would believe that Rivera was more confident in the two if Benjamin wasn't traded because of his contract situation and the opportunity to get something for him and get rid of his salary.   It reminds me of the panthers brilliant move of getting rid of Josh Norman.
With that being said, and not to overstate the obvious, but Samuel and Funchess certainly have a shot to prove themselves for the remainder of the year.

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Re: Panthers Team Report
« Reply #26 on: Nov 4th, 2017, 7:25pm »
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Reinstantiating Smith-Muhammed is wishful thinking, for sure...  However, Rivera presumably signed off on the Benjamin deal, so I do not think he thinks they are necessarily screwed.  I think they saw a redundancy, at least in style, with Benjamin and Funchess, instead of a complementarity.  Samuel and Funchess will complement each other better.  I think they want to give Newton, who indeed has had a poor season with the configuration heretofore, that speedy Steve Smith-type guy again, and that I would suggest is Samuel.  We shall see...
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