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It has been well-documented and, in any event, it is common sense that having someone outside your fantasy football league act as commissioner is the ideal situation, especially when it comes to the "sticky" situations regarding TRADES, NEW RULES AND LEAGUE GUIDELINES, APATHETIC OWNERS, etc., etc., that seem to inevitably arise.  Of course, it tends not to be realistic.  It is almost impossible to find someone outside your league who is going to be interested enough in the league to perform the duties enthusiastically.  In a fantasy football league, it is important to recognize that the role of the commissioner is not just to deal with administrative issues, but also to rally the troops and get people excited about it.  Finding someone who can do that outside your league is unique and unlikely, to say the least.  And, even in the unlikely event that you do find a friend who will fully and appropriately fulfill the role of commissioner for your league, that person, if he/she knows everybody in the league, may not be absolutely objective, and even if the person is, after some "history" is created, he/she may not continue to be.  The picture I am trying to paint is just that while having some sort of truly external authority to appeal to when it comes to sticky rulings/disputes in your league is ideal, it really is a virtual impossibility...

BUT, that is no longer the case with FantasyFootballer.com's "Co-commissioner Services"!!!

Are you tired of...

  • ... dealing with all the headaches that go along with the sticky situations that inevitably arise in a fantasy league and being the goat after the difficult decision you or your league commissioner was forced into making is made???
  • ... doing things "democratically" only to see votes on difficult issues by and large be cast, not with the greater good of the league in mind, but out of the self-serving priorities of the owners, each with his individual team primarily in mind???
  • ... always having to be the guy that puts the league ahead of his team and paying the price for it in the standings because you are the only one doing so???
  • ... being at the beckon call of the owners of your league for the thankless job of dispute resolution (on top of the already thankless, mundane commissioner tasks)???

And, the guy you get to take care of that and be your personal co-commissioner is Steve Stegeman,...

  • ... a 34-YEAR passionate and successful veteran of the hobby, all 34 YEARS of which he has served as the commissioner of his league, the GBRFL!!!
  • ... the founder, owner and operator of "the Gridiron @FantasyFootballer.com" as well as StegsList.com!!!
  • ... a person who has run and commissioned over two other leagues he is not a participant in, the CBFL from 2001 to 2009 and the GBRFL2 from 2003 to 2008, as well as other contests on "the Gridiron"!!!
  • ... who has been employed as a writer, doing paid correspondence work for 20 NFL teams for FootballInsider.com, and has been a former guest writer at FFToday.com!!!
  • ... who has earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy with an emphasis in ETHICS and philosophy of religion!!!
  • ... who is a Professor of Philosophy who primarily teaches ETHICS and LOGIC courses!!!

And, you get ALL that for $5.00 (per resolution), a FRACTION of what other sites (for example) who offer a similar service charge!!!

WHAT MORE would you want from a person you are going to let hash out and make the difficult decisions that confront your league???

This way you can keep or continue acting as your "rallying-point" commissioner, taking care of all the regular, "fun" commissioner duties, while having an objective, unbiased, external authority make the tough decisions when the sticky situations (inevitably) arise.

How this works, our "terms of service",...

  • As long as you pay either by credit card or via PayPal.com, you will receive a response within 24 hours.  If further explanation is needed for a determination to be made, you will have your dispute resolution within 48 hours.
  • Though you may pay by check or money order, work will not begin until payment is received.
  • You may prepay or purchase the "discount package" of 5 dispute resolutions for the price of 4.  Any leftover unused dispute resolutions roll over into the offseason or following season, so you do not lose anything by prepaying or purchasing the "discount package".
  • Once a determination resolving your dilemma/dispute is made, it is final, non-negotiable and non-refundable.  What is guaranteed is that your response will be unbiased, thought-through, prompt and, as advertised, done by Steve Stegeman.
  • The fees for the service are $5 per job OR $20 for the "discount package", 5 for the price of 4.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any jobs for any reason.

Now, if you would like to submit a dispute for prompt resolution or purchase the discount package by credit card or via PayPal, click HERE...

If you want to pay or prepay by check or money order, send an e-mail to thegridiron@fantasyfootballer.com for further information.



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